Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Skateboards. Get em while they are hot!

Hand screenprinted and induvidually numbered. Only 19 made with this colorway. Available at Pure Skate Shop in Bend, Oregon and Redmond Oregon. Get rad, and yes the sheep is wearing rollerblades.

Alex, you made it on the site!

Alex Bolonde. Bluntslide at Madras Skatepark.

Sandwich recipe

Here is the best sandwich ever. Lets call it a grilled onion and ham suprise. 'cause after a couple of these... SUPRISE, you're overweight.
What yer gonna need:

1) Onion, loosely chopped

2) Virginia ham slices

3)Slice up some Cheddar Cheese

4) Bread of your choice. I used wheat cause white bread kinda sucks.

5) Mayo and Mustard

First. Grill up them onions in some olive oil over medium heat until they are carmelized and soft in texture. Set these aside in a bowl. Use a cast iron pan. Non-stick pans are for pussies.

Second. Fix up yer sandwich. Put the ham on 1 piece, the mayo, mustard and cheese on the other and place your sauteed onions on the cheese side.

Third. put some more olive oil in your pan and place the sandwich in there like you would a grilled cheese.

Forth. Cook until bread is slightly browned on one side, then flip it and repeat on the other side. Keep up on this, bread burns quick as hell. Also make sure your pan isnt too hot cause you don't want to burn the bread before you melt the cheese.

Here is what your final product should resemble. This sandwich goes great with coca cola, orange juice or whatever I drink a bunch of now since I gave up boozin'. Enjoy this shit, it won't give you swine flu.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

7" of Pleasure

This is one of my favorites. Early Dwarves are amazing. They still put out some fantastic music.

7" of Pleasure

I bought this 7" about 5 years ago. Just listened to it recently. It is so great. Everyone should own a record player. It is just more exiting to put on a record than just push play on a ipod or something like that. Having to drop a needle on the vinyl and waiting for the music is a rad experience.