Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Costumes Ever.

So, JP and I are going as complete morons for halloween. You'll know who we are, the juggalos.
I have to say, I am very worried about these costumes. I'm not sure I will like myself afterwards. I just hope I dont have to explain it to some real fans, that no, we hate this shit and are making fun of you. Whoop whoop my ninja!


So, I went to a musical this month. It was evil dead the musical. I am a total evil dead nerd, so I had to go and see it. They announced they had a special guest, and it turned out to be mutha-fuckin' ASH himself! Bruce Campbell. I was pretty stoked. He did a Q & A session after the show, and I found out that I am not as big as a nerd as some others out there. I wanted to get a picture with him, but he snuck out the backdoor like Kurt stealing beers from Aarons house.

Bruce asked if anyone had any evil dead tattoo's, and if they did he would sign them if the person would get his signature tattooed by it. This kid had no tattoo's but was willing to get Bruce's signature as his first. Wow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just picked up this thing. Kurt took the photo. Too bad there is already snow on the ground

Pure Skate Shop Grand opening skate jam

Heres some photos from the jam. It started snowing for the first time this year. Kids were still shredding it.
aaron. Signing the kids up for the game of skate
Jessie showed up. But just chilled in his sweat suit.
Shnar booth.

Alex doing a footplant 900 on a curb.

Alex has an old shnar shirt. It looks like it may be hurting him somehow...

Fueling up for the radness.

Holding the fort down.

This kid, AKBAR, was shredding. This was a shuvit 5-0 stall on the ramp that I fell off of right when I got to the contest.

Lip slide


Nose grind.